Nicholson Violins have very high-quality instruments available to buy. 

Unlike cheap “student” instruments, professional-quality instruments like these hold their value over time.  The Wall Street Journal, no less, found that high-quality instruments have the potential for significant long-term appreciation.

However, the main reasons for buying a bespoke, hand-selected and master-crafted instrument are the beauty of their sound and the beauty of their looks.  Whether you are a professional musician or still learning, instruments sold by Nicholson Violins will not disappoint.  As well as instruments made by Oliver Nicholson, we sometimes have a small number of quality instruments and bows carefully selected from other makers.

Prospective purchasers are welcome to visit us in Cambridgeshire and try a selection of these fine instruments.  Arrangements can be made to meet in Ely or in Cambridge.  

The preferred instrument can be bought “on approval” for an agreed period, usually four weeks, during which time the player can get to know the instrument, check the preferred set-up, with which we assist of course, and ensure that it “feels right” in the hand. 

Please click instruments available to see stock that is currently available.